Perfectionists Rejoice


Being a competitive person I enjoy the struggle it can be to gather all the achievements in a game I’m playing. Sometimes it’s easy and the achievements are given to you for simply playing the game, other times it’s a difficult grind that requires dozens of hours to complete. The latter gave me pause as ultimately it’s hard to avoid feeling as though it may have been a waste of time.

The major goal was to make acquiring all the achievements in a game to be a more meaningful endeavour. In its current form score is given for each individual achievement making the act of getting all of them no more significance to that of gathering a few.

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Perfected, a site in which statues are awarded based on unlocking of all the achievements in a game. The user is able to dictate which statues they covet the most for display on the front of their profile page. Each game is given a unique statue which resides inside uniform shells consisting of a base with a built in light and a glass encasing surrounding the statue itself.

Perfected logo

The brand mark features a gamer holding up a statue in an extremely simplistic form. The use of square shapes helps to provide recall to the statues themselves.

Wireframe sketches

The initial concept keeps the functionality as simple as possible. Avoiding the pitfall of attaching heavy community features before the community itself exists. Trophies was the original name for the statues but to avoid confusion with existing entities such as the Playstation trophies it was changed to statues.

Purchased statues would receive a unique number based on it’s position when the order is placed. The naming convention of which would be #x# where the first number would relate to a series number and the second would be the order number. Series numbers were deemed necessary as some game add additional achievements over time or through the release of DLC. Each addition of an achievement would increment the series number with the potential that DLC releases may also receive an entirely new statue design.